• Prioritized Hunt – Distribute calls according to the order specified in the ‘Users’ section. i.e. all calls go to the first user, and only if this user is busy, the calls go to the next user. This strategy can be used to set up skills-based routing, by prioritizing the agents according to their skills.
  • Ring All – ring the phones of ALL the agents.
  • Hunt Random Start – Randomly choose an agent to distribute the call to and evenly distribute calls among available agents.
  • Round Robin – Sequentially cycle through agents logged in the queue, i.e. the first call is sent to agent 1, the second call to agent 2, and so on.
  • Longest Waiting – Forwards the call to the user waiting for the longest.
  • Least Talk Time – Forwards the call to the user with the least total talk time.
  • Fewest Answered – Forwards the call to the user who answered the least number of calls.
  • Hunt by Threes Random – Sends the call simultaneously to 3 random users.
  • Hunt by Threes Prioritized – Forwards the call simultaneously to 3 users at a time as prioritized in the “Users” section.

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